Monday, April 15, 2013

Podcasting Makes You Learn Anywhere.

      Podcasting based on the Internet is another way for students to learn anywhere.  If only you have an MP3 or a smartphone, you can download your favorite podcast into it, and enjoy the freshest  information no matter where you are. Podcast is easy to access and convenient to use. So it is really a good way for students to learn by themselves after class.For example, if your students are L2 children, then this podcast named "Teach Me English" is a good choice for them to learn English in their free time.
 Podcast can also be used in class teaching as well. First, the content in pod cast can provide good learning materials. For example, the podcast "BBC World News For Children" provides sub-podcasts in various fields such as history, literature sports etc. Teacher can choose one according to the content she/he wants to teach. For example, if the teacher wants to teach students some vocabulary about baseball,then he/she can choose a podcast named "Baseball Great", and select one chapter focusing on introducing the rule of playing baseball to use in class. Since the podcast is a complete story, the other chapters in the podcast can be homework for students to listen to. Students can also make their own podcast. For example, teacher can create a podcast can ask students to make one chapter each day in turn. The topic is not limited. Then students can practice both speaking and listening in the same time sharing their interest and experience with classmates.
      Therefore, podcasting is really a useful tool for both teachers and students.